Learning to Lament

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Lamenting in the face of grief and loss is therapeutic. It is also theologically sound.

So why then don’t we lament? Or at least, why don’t we lament well?
Not wanting to let the side down, we may buy into a stoical or even triumphant brand of Christianity. We forget to be human. Or we can confuse lamenting with its forbidden cousin, grumbling, which crosses a line.

The author guides us skilfully through the Bible’s teaching, introducing us to key characters whom we can emulate. He shares from his own wealth of personal and pastoral experience. He sits beside us as we work through our tears to a place of confidence and trust.

This life-giving book will meet you where you are in an experience which is no less raw and painful for being universal. Here you find empathy and deep comfort. You are held securely in your Heavenly Father’s warm embrace.

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