Mary Slessor: Servant To The Slave

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Mary Slessor grew up in the slums of Dundee in the 1800’s. Industry was booming but housing was sub- standard and life expectancy was low. Illness, disease and malnutrition killed many children before they reached the age of five. Mary was lucky – born into a poor family, abused by her father – she was still alive.

Dundee was Mary’s training ground for a far fiercer battle. Mary left the shores of Scotland while only in her early twenties to immerse herself in reaching the lost tribes of Calibar in West Africa. Her preparation in the slums of Dundee was the key ingredient to her success on the mission field – that and her tireless trust and belief in her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He was the reason she was there.

Calibar today still remembers Mary Slessor, affectionately known as “Ma”, her influence on that area of Africa was astounding.

Superstition demanded that families kill twin babies and murder slaves and women at funerals – the Lord Jesus Christ that Mary Slessor brought to these people set them free from all that. They were set free from the law of sin and death.

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CF4Kids (2011), Edition: Revised edition, 192 pages

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