One God One Salvation


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The preacher in Ecclesiastes made the observation, ‘of making many books there is no end.’ This continues to be true and in fact this world would be a better place if many books were never published! That is certainly not the case with this carefully written, meticulously researched and biblically based book by Sam Francey. Sam writes this book against the backdrop or religious pluralism and theological liberalism that has had such a pervasive influence in the work of mission in the past century and more. The title, ‘One God, One Salvation’ immediately challenges those who hold to the presupposition that there are many gods and many different ways of salvation. Each chapter takes a different aspect of the subject, and with a passage of Scripture as a safe and sure guide, the author exposes and demolishes the arguments of the multi faith constituency with its pluralistic views. An interesting and important feature of this volume is Francey’s familiarity with and exposure to the many false religions that are so pervasive in our modern world. His research has enabled him to quote from the exponents of, for example, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam and Hinduism. Each of these religions are examined in the light of Scripture and shown to be false in much the same way as the Old Testament prophets exposed and denounced the Canaanite gods, or as the Apostle Paul demonstrated that the Athenian idols of the first century were nothing more than images formed by the art and imagination of man (Acts 17:29). It would be wrong to conclude that Francey merely expends his literary skills in exposing the futility of serving false gods. Each chapter concludes with a clear, positive statement of truth that will enlighten the reader who is searching for the truth, or challenge the person who is caught up in a false religious system. In conclusion, I heartily commend this very timely book. I believe it is worthy off being described as a classic in the field of missiology. It will be an invaluable resource for school teachers who have to teach Religious Education in schools where interfaith studies are on the curriculum. This book should also be mandatory reading for all students in Theological Colleges who are preparing for ministry and mission in today’s very confused theological environment. As you read these pages, you will come to the conclusion, as I have , that Sam Francey has succeeded quite brilliantly in demonstrating that there is ‘One God, One Salvation.’ He has also presented very compelling biblical arguments in making, ‘The case for mission in a pluralist world.’ Robert McCollum (Department of Pastoral theology, Homiletics and Mission) Reformed Theological College, Belfast


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