Presence, Power And Promise

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The Hebrew word ruah, ‘spirit’, occurs over three hundred times in the Old Testament, with a range of meanings: breeze, breath, wind, spirit. Although more references are possible, thirty-nine of these are clearly connected with God, e.g. ‘Spirit of God’, ‘Spirit of the Lord’. It appears that God’s Spirit is the energizing force that empowers people to serve him in some way: ruling, defeating enemies, judging, prophesying. However, while the Spirit of God is an important subject in the Old Testament, it has been the focus of surprisingly little scholarship. In response, this volume assembles some of the best Old Testament scholars to address various aspects of the subject. Major thematic essays and studies of specific, relevant biblical texts are arranged in eight main sections: orientation and Ancient Near Eastern context; the Spirit and creation, wisdom, creativity, prophesy, leadership and the future; and finally, the Spirit at Qumran. Here is evangelical scholarship that will inform, stimulate and reward diligent students, teachers and preachers of the Old Testament.

Authors: David G. Firth & Paul D. Wegner

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