Radically Whole

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Gospel Healing for the Divided Heart

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Complete. Undivided. Whole.

This is how we are meant to be, but in today’s word we often find ourselves pulled in two directions: between God and the world, good and bad, between who we really are and what we allow other people to see.

In Radically Whole, award-winning author David Gibson explores how we can learn from the New Testament Letter of James to overcome that divide and live the complete lives that God intends for us. Though its teaching on Christian living can be hard-hitting, the letter to James can help us find our way to a better kind of discipleship, where we live a fully integrated and honest life before God and other people.

Full of gospel healing and practical insight, Radically Whole shows us that we don’t have to be divided – that by keeping our lives centred around Christ’s teaching, you can become who you were always meant to be, displaying God’s goodness and glory to the world.

The world may pull us apart, but through God we can all be rebuilt to become Radically Whole.

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