Sheba’s Quest

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The Queen of Sheba is undoubtedly one of history’s most fascinating personalities, the subject of stories both biblical and romantic; the lady who travelled 1200 miles across a desert to meet King Solomon.

For 3,000 years, their names have been linked. Yet, despite such fame, little is known about her and the reason for her visit to Jerusalem. Some say she came on a trade mission and stayed for a romantic affair. But in fact, it was not commerce that brought her, but the irresistible grace of the living God. Her heart ached, not for commercial gain or romance, but for the truth–and she was prepared to go wherever she needed to find it.

With sanctified intelligence, then, it is possible to unravel the “hard questions” that Sheba asked Solomon; to follow her train of thought during the historic meeting between the two. In turn, as the quest concerned the name of the Lord, we can understand what was taking place between them. The world believes commerce or romance, but Solomon was pointing Sheba to the name which is above every name.

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