Struggling With Unplanned Pregnancy (Project 17:17)

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Seventeen–year–old Stephanie Cooper just told her best friend that she’s pregnant. How does Stephanie tell her parents and the teenage father? What does she do next? The future suddenly becomes complex and confusing.


Do you know a girl like Stephanie? What can you say or do to help? What does she need most right now? Perhaps more than any time in her life she needs a “911 friend”–a friend who”.. .is always loyal and a brother [and sister who] is born to help in time of need” (Prov. 17:17).


Through the aid of a gripping true–to–life story, Josh McDowell, along with Ed Stewart, offers biblical insights and practical instruction on how a single girl faced with an unplanned pregnancy can navigate through her difficult choices. But more importantly, you will learn how to become a true source of comfort, encouragement, and support to her. This book is designed for you to read first and then give to your friend.


And if you are that young person struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, you will learn what to expect in the weeks and months to follow. But more than that, you will discover how to experience the comfort, encouragement, and support you need from both God and a friend–most likely the friend who gave you this book.


Josh McDowell and Ed Stewart

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McDowell, Josh, (Author)

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CF4Kids (2009), Edition: Revised edition, 64 pages

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