Table Talk Magazine (February 2021)

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The February 2021 issue of Tabletalk will feature an overview of the doctrine of the providence of God. In generations past, Christians had a good understanding of the providence of God, referring regularly to the Lord’s overarching control of all things and wise governance of whatsoever comes to pass. Since the Enlightenment, however, there has been a steady decline in believers’ awareness of the providence of God. Confusion regarding how the Lord works out His plan in history has led many people to embrace a kind of fatalism, believing that God’s sovereign providence means their actions and decisions have no value. Others have embraced the opposite extreme, believing that the success of God’s plan depends on their efforts, resulting in much anxiety and a loss of trust in the Lord. Frequently, even Christians live as practical atheists, not considering that the Lord is involved in every detail of our lives. Lacking a good understanding of God’s providence, many believers have an incomplete or inaccurate view of God’s relationship to sin and evil, believing Him to be a passive observer of wickedness or the author of sin. This issue of Tabletalk will seek to help Christians develop a better biblical and theological understanding of the providence of God, showing how this doctrine applies practically and offers us assurance in every aspect of life.

Contributors include Robert Rothwell, John W. Tweeddale, Joel R. Beeke, Mark G. Johnston, Iver Martin, Caleb Cangelosi, J.D.Bridges, Donny Friederichsen, William C. Godfrey, Eric Kamoga, and Robert VanDoodewaard.

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