The Concise Marrow of Theology

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Heidegger’s Concise Marrow of Christian Theology is the smallest piece of a threefold theological curriculum. It is an abridgement of Heidegger’s Medulla Theologiae Christianae (The Marrow of Christian Theology), which in turn is a stepping-stone to his more advanced dogmatic system, Corpus Theologiae Christianae (The Substance of Christian Theology). Casey Carmichael’s translation and Ryan Glomsrud’s historical introduction make a significant contribution to historical studies of Reformed Scholasticism. It acquaints English readers with a significant, though largely forgotten theologian and his efforts to secure a solid program for advancing in systematic theology. Concise Marrow displays the elementary points of all the main topics of dogma, forming a theological primer for beginners. It is characterized by succinct definitions and ample biblical support, apt for setting a good foundation and starting point for deeper theological reflection.

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Johann H. Heidegger, (Author)

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Reformation Heritage Books (2018), 256 pages

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