The Works of William Perkins Volume 10

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The Works of William Perkins fills a major gap in Reformed and Puritan theology. Though Perkins is best known today for his writings on predestination, he also wrote prolifically on many subjects. His works filled over two thousand large pages of small print in three folio volumes and were reprinted several times in the decades after his death. His complete works, however, have not been in print since the mid-seventeenth century. This modern typeset edition of the Works includes four volumes of Perkins’s expositions of Scripture, three volumes of his doctrinal and polemical treatises, and three volumes of his practical writing


• Treatise on How to Live Well in All Estates

• Treatise on Vocations

• Right Manner of Erecting and Ordering a Family

• Calling of the Ministry

• Manner and Method of Preaching

• Christian Equity

• Treatise on Dying Well

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