Who Made God? searching for a theory of everything

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Includes appendix ‘God, Black Holes and Stephen Hawking’

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, says Who made God? deals with complex subjects ‘in a palatable form’. A book by a distinguished scientist about the existence of God, with chapter headings like ‘Steam engine to the stars’ and ‘The tidy pachyderm’ has to be different. It is. Dr Andrews shows that the concept of the ‘hypothesis of God’ towers above the barren landscape of atheism and despair.

‘As a distinguished scientist, Professor Edgar Andrews is well qualified to counter the current attempts to airbrush God out of existence – and does so with intelligent and infectious enthusiasm. Richard Dawkins’ The God delusion is an obvious target and he expertly dismantles its atheistic claims, reducing them to rubble with a lightness of touch I had never before come across in a book of this kind. I know of nothing quite like it.’

John Blanchard, author, lecturer and conference speaker

Even the Secular Daily News conceded that the book is ‘head and shoulders above the standard of many so-called scientific Christian apologetic texts

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Andrews, Edgar, (Author)

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Evangelical Press (2016), Edition: 3, 324 pages

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