Why We’re Not Emergent

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You can be young, passionate about Jesus Christ, surrounded by diversity, engaged in a postmodern world, reared in evangelicalism, and not be an emergent Christian. In fact, I want to argue that it would be better if you weren’t.

The Emergent Church is a strong voice in today’s Christian community. And they’re talking about good things, like caring for the poor, peace for all men, and loving Jesus. They’re doing church a new way, not content to fit the mold. Again, all good. But there’s more to the movement than that. Much more.

Kevin and Ted are two guys who, demographically, should be all over this movement. But they’re not. And here’s why—they do life founded upon orthodox beliefs about God, propositional truths about Jesus, and the authority of Scripture.

In Why We’re Not Emergent, Kevin and Ted diagnose the emerging church from both a theological and an on-the-street perspective. They pull apart interviews, articles, books, and blogs, helping you see for yourself what it’s all about.

Provocative yet playful, this book seeks to show you why being emergent isn’t the only, or even the best, way to be passionate about Jesus Christ.


About the Author

KEVIN DEYOUNG is the senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina. He serves as a council member at The Gospel Coalition and blogs on TGC’s DeYoung, Restless and Reformed. Kevin is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte) and a PhD candidate at the University of Leicester. He has authored several books, including Just Do Something, The Hole in Our Holiness, Crazy Busy, Taking God at His Word, and The Biggest Story. Kevin and his wife, Trisha, have seven children: Ian, Jacob, Elizabeth, Paul, Mary, Benjamin, and Tabitha.

TED KLUCK is the author of Why We’re Not Emergent (by Two Guys Who Should Be), Facing Tyson: 15 Fighters, 15 Stories, Paper Tiger: One Athlete’s Journey to the Underbelly of Pro Football, and Game Time: Inside College Football. His work has also appeared in ESPN the Magazine and on’s Page 2. His bi-monthly column for Sports Spectrum Magazine, “Pro and Con”, won the Evangelical Press Association award for best standing column in 2003.

Ted has played professional indoor football, coached high school football, trained as a professional wrestler, served as a missionary and has taught writing courses at the college level. He lives in Grand Ledge, Michigan with his wife, Kristin, and two sons.

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DeYoung, Kevin, (Author), Wells, David F., Kluck, Ted, (Foreword, Author)

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Moody Publishers (2008), Edition: New, 256 pages

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